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The Lamb Roast Specialists

We pride ourselves on only using and supplying fresh English or Welsh Lambs for all our spit roasts. The New Zealand lambs are smaller in size and will have been frozen on their long journey over to England. We believe that this affects the quality and taste of the meat and so will never use them.

Our lambs are roasted on the spit French style and will be studded with Garlic and coated in a marinade of Olive oil, Wholegrain Mustards and Fresh Home grown Rosemary. This marinade brings out all the flavour and natural sweetness to the lamb, without overpowering it, giving you a truly spectacular and mouth-watering meal.

Our lambs are roasted on the spit in our CE approved Spit roast machines for up to 3 hours. Because the machines rotate slowly during the cooking the meat retains and bastes in it own juices.
Whilst lamb can be eaten and enjoyed cooked to a medium we generally (unless asked) will cook it to a more well done finish. Whilst still keeping it moist and tender.

Traditionally Served with

  • Mint Sauce
  • Redcurrant Jelly
  • A selection of Mustards
  • Bread Rolls and Butter

Serve the lamb with Roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a homemade roasting Gravy for a traditional "Sunday" Roast or with freshly made salads for a lighter and refreshing meal.

We offer a range of salad & hot vegetable side dishes to accompany your Spit-Roast main course.


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